What is Rainbow Baby

The rainbow always symbolizes hope and light after a dark time. A rainbow baby is a baby born to a family who has previously experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, or infant loss. Rainbow baby is love, hope, and new beginnings.

We started the Papablic Care project with the motive to spread love in the community and create more possibilities for new parents and their babies’ lives.


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2023 Rainbow baby Story

paislee: A tale of courage and resilient
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Great Vision Start From a Baby Step

Paislee, the lovely rainbow baby girl of our content creator Katelynn, was diagnosed with Leukemia when we were planning the 2022 rainbow baby day campaign. As we claim ourselves as a loving and caring brand with social responsibilities, we are not going to step aside and sit back when we know our fellow employee and her child need help. 

Papablic is going to donate for Paislee, hopefully this tough girl will stay strong and get through the illness very soon.

Rainbow Baby Story

"After surgery and healing, I knew in my heart god would place a child in my arms and heart when he was ready."


Katelynn has shared with us about her rainbow baby and her journey with pregnant with 2 rainbow babies, her pregnancy journey with multiple miscarriages is devastating. But her toughness and faith in being a mother are honorable and inspiring.

She spent 90 days in the NICU. This was a journey, a tough one. But we made it.


After losing her daughter, Saijè, Brittany had her rainbow baby Lotus arrived at 30 weeks. Lotus is a premature baby who was born weighing only 2 pounds 11 ounces and spent 90 days in the NICU, but eventually she came home safe and sound.

"I wanted to keep the “A” names in memory of my baby girl Angelys Brielle, and named my rainbow baby girl Aleia. She is truly a blessing, my miracle rainbow baby."


Angelique lost her firstborn daughter Angelys because of a heart-breaking car accident. After being through physical and mental trauma, Angelique finally has her miracle rainbow baby and names her Aleia to keep the “A” names in memory of her sister.

She is our sweet miracle rainbow, a tiny fighter born at 34 weeks and only 4 days in NICU. Now she is happy and home.


“On July 5th, 2021, I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have my sweet baby and tube removed and that happened after trying for 10 months. Once cleared we tried again Oct 2021 I had a chemical pregnancy then finally in December I got pregnant with our rainbow. We found out it was twins then we ended up losing her twin brother. So she is our sweet miracle rainbow, a tiny fighter born at 34 weeks and only 4 days in NICU. Now she is happy and home.”

“After going through 4 times of losing babies, and 1 ectopic pregnancy...I stopped trying. I said I was gonna give up until I was ready again.”


"For a long time, I thought I couldn’t get pregnant and my baby wasn’t able to carry life. After going through 4 times of losing babies, and 1 ectopic pregnancy...I stopped trying. I said I was gonna give up until I was ready again. But unexpectedly I was blessed with Margerie. I cried because I wasn’t ready. I was trying to get back up on my feet. I was also super scared during my entire pregnancy. Up until I heard her cry, still dazed in the operating room. Now I finally have my baby. I love her so so much. And I cherish her life. My heart is in human form. "


🌈 Stories Behind The Names

"My baby’s name was Ezra James. He was going to be my rainbow baby but a freak nuchal chord accident took him too soon. Just before being born. He was due 1/1/2020 but he was delivered on December 23rd. He was considered full term. I lost my first baby too early into the pregnancy, before even getting a chance to know the gender, so we never got to name that baby. This is such a sweet idea, thank you for doing this. I now have a rainbow baby who’s 2.5 years old and 1 on the way. Hoping for the best."

Name:Ezra James

"We lost our baby Aspen two years ago. Six months ago, just over a year after the loss, we welcomed our rainbow baby Cal"


"We lost our first baby 11/17/22 at 20 weeks her name would have been Ellie. Her brother our rainbow baby is due 1 year later. 11/30/23 is our due date!"


“We lost our middle son, Liam Alexander in April of 2022. He was stillborn at 22 weeks and for no known reason. At his 20 week when we found out we were having another boy, we had a name picked out that afternoon! We loved the meaning and were so excited for our toddler to have a younger brother. At that same appointment we were told he had a mild brain ventricle swelling and started doing testing. I got flu and during my flu recovery I noticed that he had stopped moving. I thought it was due to coughing but I felt in my gut something was wrong. We went in and received the news that his heart had stopped beating. We know he only ever experienced love. Our rainbow baby, Lucas Andres was also born in April of this year. Lucas means bringer of light and boy does he live up to his name! But we miss our Liam every single day💙”

Name:Liam Alexander

“We had 4 first trimester losses and my 5th pregnancy I lost at 19w his name was Levi & he lived for 45 minutes. 🩵 We miss him everyday. I’ve since had 2 rainbow babies🌈.”