Our Story – Papablic INC.

Our Story

We love our papa, remember the times we call up daddy when we need to change a tire or fix the shower head, and yell for mom when we are hungry or sick? But jacks and spanners are not “dads only”, so do diapers and baby bottles are not “moms only”.

We encourage parents to break boundaries, let no one define “parenting” to them just like what our founder, Song did. Papablic - a brand founded by a cool dad- is suggesting another daddy image: tough (cool) guy dads with diapers and baby bottles.

Our founder Song started Papablic with the idea of creating products that save time and liberate parents, so that moms and dads can have time to be themselves, being a parent can be nothing but cool and exuberant. Papablic is dedicated in building a liberating vibe for liberated parents.

Vision & Mission

Practical / Innovative / Elegant

For the next 5 years we are hoping we can continue to grow and help out more parents, and share our care to the community.

Not only do we are a brand with lots of love and passion, we are also trying to be a brand that can set parents free by saving them more time from doing hard labors, so that they can have more time to do things that makes them feel better.

Being a parent does not change one’s identity, it’s just another layer of color added to your beauty, we encourage parents to not forget who they are before having kids, don’t give up the million possibilities of life!

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