Papablic 18-36 Months Replacement Brush Heads
[18–36 Months]BabyHandy Sonic Electric Replacement Brush Heads - Papablic INC.


18-36 Months Replacement Brush Heads

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Safety Guarantee:
All Papablic toothbrush is certified to meet CPSC and CPSIA safety certifications. 100% BPA free and safe for the families.


It’s never too early to promote excellent oral health and teach proper hygiene habits! The Papablic BabyHandy Sonic Electric toothbrush is fun to use and super-effective at cleaning even the littlest gums and teeth. Soft Dupont bristles gently massage the gums and mouth while sonic vibration technology (18,000 strokes per minute) removes plaque up to 75% more effectively than manual brushing!

1. With an ergonomic design and easy-to-grip handle, Your little one will love using it on their own.
2. Soft Dupont bristles are super effective at cleaning and gently massage the gums and teeth.
3. The bright LED light is eye-catching and a 2-minute total timer ensures proper total brushing time. Pulse reminders alert at 30-second intervals to make sure all four quadrants of the mouth are well-cleaned.
4. Suitable for stage 1 (18–36 months) baby.

Baby Safe Guaranteed