What should you be looking for in a toothbrush?

What should you be looking for in a toothbrush?

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An important reminder for all the mommies - You should be brushing your baby’s teeth 2x a day as SOON as the first teeth appear (around 6 months of age!) with a soft-bristled, age-appropriate toothbrush.

papablic electric baby sonic toothbrush
Papablic baby sonic electric ​​toothbrush

"Make brushing fun with Papablic toothbrush"

1. For babies and toddlers, esthetics are everything!

Colors, lights, and sounds are stimulating and keep your child excited and engaged during brushing sessions! Just as shown in the reel, the Papablic brushes come in many adorable designs to choose from and are built-in with LED lights!

2. Look for SUPER SOFT bristles

Baby teeth and gums are extra sensitive, so soft bristles will effectively clean the teeth and gums without any irritation!

Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a struggle, but Papablic will turn it into a fun daily family activity! Papablic committed to exploring more possibilities for baby brushing, now we are excited to introduce our Papablic Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

3. The smaller - the better

You NEED a small brush head. The smaller - the better! A smaller toothbrush will fit in baby’s mouth much easier, hitting teeth better and ensuring they’re getting clean.

4. Support grips

Make sure that the toothbrush has good support grips, so your child can hold the brush and exercise some independence as they form healthy brushing habits from a young age!

5. Go electric!

Though an electric toothbrush isn’t guaranteed to eliminate dental issues, experts say an electric brush can make it easier for some kids to achieve good brushing habits.

The Papablic sonic electric toothbrushes I showed in this video are going to be my go-to’s when baby is born because they have ALL the important features I mentioned prior. They come in many adorable designs, have LED lights to entertain baby and help you see as you are brushing their teeth, the softest bristles, a small head. The brushes are also electric, and vibrate gently at 18k strokes per minute. The brushes have a built-in timer as well to ensure you’re brushing properly, and have a long-lasting battery life - NOT TO MENTION, they come with a lifetime warranty if you register your brush online.