Our rainbow baby Lotus Havynn was born on September 22nd, 2021 at 30 weeks. She wasn’t kicking how she normally kicks during that time so I rushed to the nearest hospital. The doctors were hoping my contractions would stop so they prescribed magnesium and a steroid shot. After hours of waiting, my contractions didn’t stop and my baby was in distress. The doctors said that an emergency c section would be best. I was so afraid and worried about something going wrong. Lotus was born weighing 2lbs 11 oz; same as her angel sister Saijè. Thankfully, Everything went well.

Lotus was born breathing on her own. She spent 90 days in the NICU. This was a journey, a tough one. But we made it. Our princess came home two days before Christmas on Dec. 23rd, 2021. The best day of my life. My fiancé and I are so In love with our rainbow baby. Watching our premature baby develop and grow each day is a pleasure. Thank God for our rainbow 🌈